ARCA-VERDE is a collaborative architectural design studio focused on client service.

ARCA-VERDE is an award-winning architectural design studio focused on collaboration and client service. With a diverse portfolio of project types ranging from small single-family homes to large scale commercial, including retail and institutional projects, no project is too small and no budget too big. The firm strives for excellence through an inclusive “client first” design approach placing the client at the center of the team. The ARCA-VERDE approach focuses on design excellence, contextual regionalism, and an inclusive attitude toward the environment and humanity. We are particularly passionate about accessibility and sustainability. Each member of our team is either LEED-certified or has graduated from Green Architecture.

The ARCA-VERDE approach represents the needs of the client and the location of the project in the built form. We strive for a connection of client needs, project budget, and site context to develop a strong sense of place and do not subscribe to any style. We work exclusively with building information modeling tools as it results in a better project and assists with client comprehension. We can show you what the project will look like before construction begins. Within the ARCA-VERDE philosophy is a belief that every project offers an opportunity to develop something of merit, and every participant has a voice. ARCA-VERDE is a small boutique firm capable of delivering any project type or size. We look forward to working with you to realize the potential of your project.

ARCA-VERDE is led by principal architect Michael Peixoto, OAA, MRAIC. Michael has worked on over 100 projects to date and holds accessibility and sustainability in paramount importance and is a long time advocate and executor of projects involving both. Michael experience includes: six (6) passive houses, five (5) LEED projects ranging from Certified to Silver ratings (CI & NC), he helped the City of Ottawa develop the 2025 Accessibility Program, worked with CNIB while completing his architectural thesis on “A Blind Experience of Architecture”, and he teaches part-time in Algonquin’s Green Architecture and Architectural Technology programs.