War Amps – Cliff Chadderton Project



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War Amps – Cliff Chadderton Project

Project Type Commemorative Structure and Adaptive Reuse of an Existing Building
Client War Amps of Canada
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Concept New entry canopies to revitalize a tired building and commemorate the long-time Chief Executive Officer Hugh Clifford Chadderton, who died in 2013
Contractor TBD

ARCA-VERDE is pleased to participate in this project for a good cause.   War Amps of Canada approached ARAC-VERDE to revitalize the existing building on Riverside Drive in Ottawa.  The client recognized the need to freshen up the facades and provide barrier-free access to the principal entrance of the building.  ARCA-VERDE set out to develop an impacting project with a small budget recognizing that the client is a charity.  ARCA-VERDE’s approach was to investigate the legacy of Cliff Chadderton.  With a firm understanding resulting in an undeniable feeling of a life well-lived, ARCA-VERDE began working on their most important project to date.  Using the War Amps expression, ‘It is what is left that counts’ ARCA-VERDE developed the design result.


Situated mid-block on the east side of Riverside Drive across from Mooney’s Bay Park and Terry Fox Field.  Its location and zoning offered little obstacles.  However, the current vehicular access involves a difficult side lane access to a parking lot behind the building.  ARCA-VERDE recognized that this tricky lane effectively redefined the back entrance as the main point of access for the building.  The problem lies in a lack of barrier-free access and the inevitable feeling of entering through the service entry. To alleviate this, ARCA-VERDE placed a lay-by at the front of the building and widened the vehicle entry point, allowing cars or ParaTranspo to drop off visitors in front of the building.

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ARCA-VERDE introduced a new barrier-free ramp experience to access the front door currently only served by difficult concrete stairs.  This ramp will incorporate planters and benches softening the hard street edge and offer an area of relaxation for employees or visitors to sit, eat lunch or read a book.  The canopies and wing walls will better define the entry point of both the front and back doors.  The materials are chosen to be environmentally friendly, durable and in keeping with War Amps’ belief that ‘It is what is left that counts’. The materials chosen get stronger with age, scaring or weathering, such as scorched wood (increased density with burning), A606 weathered steel (self-sealing with rust) and concrete (increased strength with age).

Material and Design Features

  • Adaptive reuse of existing structures
  • A606 steel cladding on the wing wall and canopy overhang
  • Forest Stewardship Certified wood siding and benches
  • Concrete ramps and planters